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Serving the Children of the World
No Kiwanis meeting scheduled for the 25th of April being ANZAC Day

There will be No Kiwanis meeting scheduled for the 25th of April being...

The Hills Aktion Club to celebrate 25 years of Service on the 23rd of June 2018

Members please book your seat for this special dinner event.  The Aktion...

Kiwanis Book Shop to Open on Wed 7th of March

Join us at 4 Albert Place Mount Barker at 10am on the 7th of March for the opening...

Book Stall

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The Kiwanis Club of The Adelaide Hills, was founded on the 27 June 1990 with 25 charter members. and has been actively involved in all types of community service. ( Current membership of 28 as of September 2015) 
(We have several satellite Club members in the Goolwa South Coast area)

Our Kiwanis Club is a hands-on club, meaning that as well as raising money for deserving causes, we also volunteer our services for community projects within the community.

In addition to our Community service activities, fortnightly dinner meetings (usually the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month) are held at Auchendarroch House, Mt Barker for a time of fun and friendship, and many informative and inspirational guest speakers.

Meetings may be varied at times with visits to and from other Kiwanis Clubs and supper meetings at alternative locations in the Hills.

History of Kiwanis International

The organisation was founded on January 21, 1915, in Detroit, Michigan, by Joseph G. Prance (a tailor) and Allen S. Browne (a professional fraternity organizer). In August 1914, Browne suggested to Prance the idea of a business and professional menchigan, was founded.

Its original purpose was to exchange business between members and to serve the poor. The debate as to whether or not to remain a networking organisation or a service organisation was resolved in 1919 when Kiwanis adopted a service-focused mission. The organisation was for men only until 1987 and since then female membership has grown to be 26% of total members

In 2007, the charitable financial arm, Kiwanis International Foundation, was awarded the top rating by an independent evaluator.

The name “Kiwanis” means “we trade” or “we share our talents” and was coined from an American Indian expression, Nunc Kee-wanis.'s club with social and commercial benefits. Prance was sold on the idea, and in 1915 the Kiwanis Club of Detroit, Mi

History of Kiwanis Australia

The first club in Australia was the Melbourne Club and was officially organised on 2nd October 1967. In 1994/95 Ian Perdriau member of the Melbourne Club became the first International President elected outside North America.

There are over 60 clubs in Australia with a total of close to 1000 members in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Kiwanis Club of the Adelaide Hills Past Presidents

 1990 - 1991     Bill van Diemen
 1991 - 1992     Ross Carthew
 1992 - 1993     Ashleigh Gore
 1993 - 1994     Ron Scott
 1994 - 1995     Peter Staniford
 1995 - 1996     Bruce Hooper
 1996 - 1997     Des Chilton
 1997 - 1998     Jim Tucker
 1998 - 1999     Norm Coventry
 1999 - 2000     Ken Gurney
 2000 - 2001     Janet Hay
 2001 - 2002     John Dowe
 2002 - 2003     John Dowe
 2003 - 2004     Ashleigh Gore
 2004 - 2005     Bill van Diemen
 2005 - 2006     Peter Staniford
 2006 - 2007     Geoff  Johnston
 2007 - 2008     Geoff  Johnston
 2008 - 2009     Mike   Page
 2009 - 2010     Mike   Page
 2010 - 2011     Mike   Page
 2011 - 2012     Ashleigh Gore
 2012 - 2013     Karyn  Hilton
 2013 - 2014     Karyn  Hilton
 2014 - 2015     Karyn  Hilton
 2015 - 2016     Chris Thorne
 2016 - 2017     Chris Thorne
 2017 - 2018     Marisa Ellks