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Kiwanis International is a global organisation of volunteers dedicated to changing the world one child and one community at a time. In an atmosphere of fun and friendship, Kiwanians aim to make a difference.

The Kiwanis Club of The Adelaide Hills was formed on the 27th of June 1990, and is part of Division 8 in the Australian District of Kiwanis International, and is one of 20 Kiwanis Clubs in South Australia.

Our members are service minded men and women of all ages, who come from all walks of life, and enjoy their involvement in a variety of community projects, that improve the lives of children and families.

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We are all volunteers and certainly a member’s first priority is family, followed by work, and then Kiwanis.

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The Kiwanis World wide Project: The ELIMINATE PROJECT:

A brief summary of some of our Club achievements:

The Adelaide Hills Kiwanis Club are proud sponsors of; 

The Hills Aktion Club: A Service Club for people with Intellectual Disabilities; formed in June 1993.     
This was the first Aktion Club to be formed in Australia.
The K- Kids Club of Mt Barker South Primary School. : A Service Club for Primary School Students.     
This was the first K-Kids Club to be formed in Australia.
Check out the K-Kids story on forming and running a breakfast Club!                                  

 The K-Kids Club is currently in recess due to shortage of school staff, but we hope they will return to active involvment in the future.

Currently the Kiwanis Club of The Adelaide Hills is supporting The Terrific Kids Program in seven Primary Schools, where students are encouraged to achieve ‘personal goals” and are presented with certificates at the end of term. 

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Presidents Report: 

To the combined Kiwanis Meeting on Sunday the 26th of October 2014:

Good afternoon fellow Kiwanians, special guests, partners and friends.

It has been an interesting year that saw us thinking outside of the square and doing things a bit different. 12 mths ago I said to you all the sky is the limit and there is nothing we can’t do. It’s giving things a go, creating a vision and working towards that vision.

Whilst we have achieved great results in some areas like fund raising and servicing those in our community we still need to work on greater publicity of our club and gaining new members which are both proving difficult. My focus for this year will both of these things.

Most of us have embraced change and been using the internet to  communicate which has certainly made my life a little easier as I can reach so many of you at once. My gratitude to Ash is immense and thank you again Ashleigh for persisting and spending so much time each and every week as you do.

My board members have been fantastic to work with and a great bunch of people. If you haven’t put your hand up this year to be on the board I encourage you to consider it for next year.

Our group has continued to support and embrace those of our Aktion club and acknowledge terrific kids. The people in these groups play an important role and change people’s lives also. I’m hopeful that 2015 will be the beginning of new K-Kids at one of our local schools.

Funds raised:

A grand total of $33,914.80 which is $4,100.30 up on last year!

Major Income:  Functions: $25,804.20   (Profits of $15,000 Sportsman’ Night, $4,000 Quiz Night)

Sales: Honey Profit $2,330 (on turnover of $4,500)

Donations and Collections $2,942 (incl. $1,700 Salvos weekend)                               Subscriptions $1,500

Profits from Meetings $1,338.60

Major Expenditure:  $27,717.11 in gifts and donations including:

$5,800 to Puddle jumpers,

$6,621.55 to Operation Flinders,

$2,125 to Jett Clothier, 

$6,588.57 to Clayton Bay Project, 

$840 IPad for Lily,

$800 to Karen Blenkinsop,

$1,700 to Salvos

$500 to Blind Sporting Society

$500 to James Shutlar

And 11 other gifts and donations to individuals and groups.

Kiwanis Fees, Conferences, Insurance: $4,510

Earning the distinguished club, president and secretaries awards have been one of many highlights for me this year and one can only gain this type of recognition from a collaborative approach from every member of our club so thank you all.

The year ahead should be an interesting one as our club reaches its 25th year milestone and Kiwanis International its 100th. I’d like you all to think about how we can celebrate these two special anniversaries.

Before I close I would like us all to pause for a moment to remember those in Kiwanis who are no longer with us particularly our dear friend Pat Woodrup who is greatly missed.

We mustn’t forget to support and be there for one other in both good and bad times.

Thank you all again for allowing me to lead you for the next year for it really is an honour and I look forward to improving on this years success.

 President Karyn


In-Coming President, (2013-2014) Karyn Hilton's acceptance Speech at Handover Meeting on Sunday the 13th of October 2013. 

  Good afternoon fellow Kiwanians, special guests, partners and friends.  

What a fantastic year we have had in so many ways. When I stood here 12 months ago (In Murray bridge actually) I pledged that I would work hard with all my members and strive for greater things. I think, together we have achieved this but we must not rest and become complacent as there are many more untried ways of raising money and helping those in our community.  

I said change was inevitable and we must embrace it. We have embraced change and a great example of this is using the Kiwanis website to see what is going on, putting our names down to volunteer and to communicate with our peers. I know some of you don’t have computers or are scared of them but I encourage you all to have a go, whether you buy your own, use a neighbour, family or friends, it doesn’t matter. It’s moving with the times and creating efficiencies that are important. I would like to make a special thank you to Ash for if it wasn’t for his hard work and dedication having our website up and running wouldn’t be possible.  

We have and continue to think outside the square for ways to raise money. This past year saw us have the famous Mike’s Mo off, cater and serve for a retirement party and car club, sell pots of KI honey and successfully apply for a grant, just to name a few. These were all new to us but very successful.  

Gaining new members and becoming better known in the community were also a focus of mine. I am proud to say that we have gained 3 new members this year in Jane Scamoni, Jane Jenkins and Claudine Maselli. Welcome again ladies. All members have proudly worn their Kiwanis attire to events and we have become more prepared as the year has gone by with having and displaying our banners, signs, pamphlets etc. I think we can improve in this area and I look forward to that challenge in the coming year.

We are about to appoint a publicity officer today and I am very excited about this!   My board members have been fantastic to work with and a great bunch of people. If you haven’t put your hand up this year to be on the board I encourage you to consider it for next year.    

Our group has continued to support and embrace those of our Aktion club and K-Kids. The people in these groups play an important role and change people’s lives also.    

Funds raised:
Community Benefits Grant : $8,500
Quiz Night : $5,800
Mike’s Mo Event and small donations : $2426,25
Meetings surplus, raffles, fines $2,020.25
Direct Donations $3250 (Incl. some from Mike’s Mo)
Manuel Pishas Retirement Party $1,867
Salvos Red Shield Collection $1,620
Hahndorf Car Club Function $ 1,455
Wine profits $700
Election Day BBQ $490
Bunnings BBQ $ 410
St Francis Fete $328
Honey profits $385
Bike SA  $300
Yangoora Raffle $152
Hahndorf BBQ $111  

Total: $29,814.50  

On top of this total $3,400 went directly to Operation Flinders and $5,500 to Heart kids SA. So a grand total of $38,714.50
White Pages amount still to come in:
Comm Service $20,362.98 and Admin $4584.92  

Funds Disbursed:
Heartkids $ 2,665
Eliminate : $1,334
Christian Football Federation $2,000
Jett Clothier :$1,488.87
Salvos Red Shield Appeal $1,720
Special Olympics $1,050
Inverbrackie Concert $500
Clayton Bay Working Bee $369.20
Drug Arm $250
Prisoners Fellowship $200
Girl Guide Camp Amity $ 150
Oakbank School Prize $150
Household Rubbish Removal Mt Barker $ 140

Total: $ 12017.07  

(with $7,500 to be paid to Clayton Bay Concreting and some more to Jett Clothier)

Aktion Club: $295.09
K Kids Club:  $548.81    

The year ahead, well, what we have achieved this year means the sky is the limit. There is nothing we can’t do, its believing in yourselves, your club and your board members. It’s giving things a go and looking outside the square. It’s creating a vision and working towards that vision. I look forward to the next 12mths with anticipation. I love our camaraderie and I love my club.

Thank you all again for allowing me to lead you for the next year for it really is an honour.

President Karyn: